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Quality TN Roofing is a trusted advisor to the insurance industry.  As a member of an insurance company’s preferred vendor list, we offer excellent communication and trust between your agency and our team. We can help you get your client’s claim handled as quickly as possible, cutting down on your stress and time away from what you need to be focusing on – your business.

We pledge to:

  1. Maintain appropriate insurance and provide insurance certificates evidencing that appropriate coverage is in force.
  2. Maintain any licenses and/or other authorizations as required by law.
  3. Submit to a background check upon request
  4. Provide a 3-year warranty for the work performed, plus manufactures warranties.
  5. Promptly respond to and resolve customer complaints.
  6. Promptly notify the claim handler of changes in scope. The claim handler will be notified prior to doing any work that is over and above the work previously agreed upon.
  7. Complete all repairs/remediation accurately and timely
  8. Upgrade all 3 tab shingles to architectural at no added cost to policy holder.